The engine that continues to power UNICOM's growth is our M&A activity and UNICOM Capital Financing Services.

Corry Hong
President and CEO

UNICOM Global was founded in 1981 with a single software product by its founder and CEO, Corry S. Hong. With over 34 years of aggressive growth through a combination of internal development, strategic acquisitions and integration and diversification into other business interests, UNICOM Global is today one of the largest and fastest-growing private software companies in the world. It now consists of more than 40 corporate entities in a wide range of businesses including a portfolio of Technology Divisions which provide software solutions, professional services, product procurement and system integration services; and several Business Divisions.  UNICOM is currently growing at a rate of three to four new corporate entities annually.

Our Eden division fosters this growth by focusing on Real EstateBusiness and Financial Services, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Through our UNICOM Capital division, we also offer financing options and services to help your succeed. Our depth of experience in mergers and acquisitions, privatization of public companies and extensive integration of organizations has established a stable of services to offer to partners, midmarket companies and private equity ventures.