52 acre ranch retreat 2 hours from downtown Los Angeles in Temecula, CA.

wingsweep wing

Modern Masterpiece

Wingsweep is a startling oasis of rolling hills framed by glistening brooks and ponds, mature trees and lush gardens, all shaped into the kind of spectacular terrain one would expect to find in Northern California hide-away. In quality of life, natural beauty and its extraordinary craftsmanship, Wingsweep is recognized as a modern masterpiece. Wingsweep is a place where guests and visitors can be treated to the soothing and exciting dance of color only nature can offer. The Complex will have different trees, different flowers and an entirely different theatrical presentation with each of the four seasons. Specialized natural light engineering make it possible to light every flower.
wingsweep lake

The Property

The 52 acre ranch retreat is just 2 hours from Downtown Los Angeles. The remarkable handcrafted residence is Piranesian in scale, but not ostentatious due to its careful sitting among the rolling hills, pastures, oak groves and massive rock outcroppings. The property is located just beyond the famous Temecula Wine District at Oak Ridge Ranches. With its blue line stream, pond, stables, professional greenhouse, outbuildings, pool, and world class main residence consisting of 5 bedrooms 7 baths and grand indoor-outdoor entertaining areas, this property affords at once one of the most bucolic yet sophisticated homes in the Country. It took three years to build, a job requiring 80 artisans and workers. The house was intended to be a ranch house for a llama farm and sits on about 52 acres of land, 35 of which are llama pastures. At one point, the ranch was the biggest llama operation in California, with 70 llamas.
wingsweep architecture

The Architect

Organic architect Kendrick Bangs-Kellogg designed a home that would blend with its elevated environment. The roof is made of willow green Chinese slate. The fascias are contained in acid-treated copper, and rocks from surrounding mountains make up most of the house’s walls. Rough-hewn telephone poles give the structure most of its stability. Glass is also a major element in the house’s design. A pool sits where a driveway for most houses might, so parking is hidden and accessible though a ramped tunnel. Situated in the hills of Temecula near Lake Skinner, This Kendrick Bangs Kellogg designed facility is a curvilinear, wing-like structure nesting like a bird amongst the sloping and curved rock walls, gracefully set into the landscape and crowned with a continuous skylight which runs the length of the main facility.

Wingsweep 38445 Overview Road Temecula, CA 92592 USA